Cấu hình Voice VLAN cho switch Alcatel

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Firstly we have to separate: AOS R6 switches (like 6250, 6400, 6850) and OEM switche (6200).
Cấu hình Voice VLAN cho switch Alcatel
Than mobile or fix or tagged at the edge ports (to phone with pc behind it) depends also from your phones, if you would like to use dhcp for it etc.

I prefere the following:

1) for vlan separation:

I use vlan rule with the vendor mac. All packets from alcatel will be allocated to voice vlan - all other to data vlan.

here an example:
>vlan 1 name "data"
>vlan 2 name "iptouch"
> vlan 1 port default 1/16
> vlan port mobile 1/16
> vlan 2 mac range 00:80:9f:00:00:00 00:80:9f:ff:ff:ff
> show mac-address-table 1/16
Legend: Mac Address: * = address not valid
Domain Vlan/SrvcId Mac Address Type Protocol Operation nterface
VLAN 1 00:50:8b:f4:ae:d0 learned 806 bridging 1/16
VLAN 2 00:80:9f:56:7d:04 learned 806 bridging 1/16
Total number of Valid MAC addresses above = 2

2) for qos:

# L3 prio (mostly DSCP field = 46) has to sent the phone/pbx

# the switch ports has to trust this prio - at AOS switches all mobile and tagged ports are trusted - and in my config with vlan rule the ports a mobile

There are a lot of other solutions (with tagging, policy rules...). You should check the voice packets with wireshark at all point of the network that the dscp field is always set.

Description Auto Phones Priority:

"The feature provides for the automatic trusting of traffic originating from Alcatel IP phones. The capability is enabled by default. Thus the ingress 802.1p or DSCP value on the packet is trusted. Since Alcatel IP phone data is IP data only the DSCP value is used to determine priority both in a routing or bridging environment for non-Qtagged and Qtagged data. The 802.1p value in a Qtagged flow is only referenced if the default classification on the input port is set to 802.1p.


The parameter identifying traffic as CSBU IP phone traffic is the source mac address of the data. Alcatel IP phones use the well known MAC ranges of 00:80:9F:54:xx:xx - 00:80:9F:64:xx:xx and 00:80:9F:66:xx:xx - 00:80:9F:6F:xx:xx. Additionally up to four user specified MACs or MAC ranges can be defined to receive the Alcatel IP phone QoS.


When auto phone is enabled, other priority rules concerning the phone traffic doesn’t take effect. Notice also that "qos phone trusted" only makes Alcatel IP Phone traffic trusted, so if the Alcatel Phone traffic doesn't have high DSCP value, it won't get into high priority queue. To set Alcatel IP Phone traffic priority, one needs to use "qos phone priority ..." command.

User can figure four additional MACs or MAC ranges to receive Auto Phones QoS."

you can check auto qos with
> show qos config

Config for 6200 is complete an other one. But also the best way is to trust the incoming prio of the voip packets:
console(config)# qos basic
console(config)# qos trust cos

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